Mark Gotsch


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Comments from Evaluations


• Great job in presenting the material and interacting with staff -Thanks

• Good energy-positive

• Great materials-good energy from the presentation

• This was much better than workshops in the past. If anything it was an excellent refresher

• The presenter was knowledgeable and put the audience at ease

• Helpful and entertaining

• I would have enjoyed being able to role play the things we learned to help practice the concepts

• Mark made the seminar enjoyable. He communicated well with the group. His prior employment works well into the subject of communications/customer service
-California Baptist University, Riverside CA

• Great! Fun and interactive

• Excellent

• I appreciate this workshop

• Great workshop

• Very informative on how to deal with a situation

• It was a very useful subject to cover

• Have a sense of humor, makes the workshop fun and keeps the interest

• Very interesting, the time passed really fast

• Very inspirational

• Appreciated, I learned a lot in the workshop, I hope we could have this one or two times a year

• I would be glad to attend the training like that again. This workshop helped me to get a lot of good information

• Enjoyed the interaction with A&R-different view points were interesting-group activities were motivating and energizing

• I was surprised how fun this is, not a lecture what-so-ever

• It was a pleasure to attend this training
-Sierra College, Rocklin CA