Mark Gotsch


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About Mark


Mark Gotsch, known for his comfortable and stress-free facilitation style, has over twenty years of experience in law enforcement and twenty years of experience in program development, coordination and training as well as serving as a collegiate adjunct professor.

Mark started a law enforcement career with a suburb of Chicago after earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in the Administration of Criminal Justice from the University of Illinois. While serving as a police officer he was assigned to a crime prevention task force working the streets to curtail robbery and burglary. He was also assigned as a detective in Robbery/Burglary and served as a Field Training Officer.

Mark quickly learned that how you speak to people radically determines the cooperation and responses from both the victims and suspects. Mark left the Midwest and moved to Southern California where he started his new career as a police officer in a city near San Diego. While at that department Mark worked in Patrol and Traffic divisions. In Traffic, Mark became a lead Accident Investigator and motorcycle operations trainer.
During this time Mark was instrumental in starting a community relations program for the Traffic Division serving as a speaker for numerous community groups and schools.

Mark served on the Adjunct Faculty at Palomar Community College for over 10 years and taught a variety of courses in the Administration of Criminal Justice program and at the regional Police Academy. Mark earned a M.A. in Leadership in Adult education and became the Administrative Coordinator for the Police Academy after being retired on a disability retirement. He continued to teach in such topics as community relations, effective communication, traffic investigation related topics, firearms, persons with disabilities and emergency vehicle operations.

Mark moved to Arizona and became a Criminal Investigator for the Maricopa Criminal Courts and was recruited by EDFUND, a guarantor for the student financial aid system. Mark worked as a Client Training Consultant providing professional development training for the staff of colleges and universities throughout the country. Mark was certified by “Jimpact”, on participant focused training and Developmental Dimensions International for facilitation of their professional development courses.

Many of those topics were communication related and emphasized tools on how to communicate with those people who are in crisis and are elevated emotionally. Mark has spoken at numerous conferences throughout the educational system. After losing his position when the private student financial aid system was eliminated, Mark joined AAA Arizona as the Traffic Safety Educator providing community talks, workshops and outreach in traffic safety issues.

Mark designed and updated a number of workshops for the community as well as organizing and managing special safety related events. Mark left AAA and started Professional Connect LLC providing the professional development workshops and consulting to the schools once served under the former program and now not available.

He continues to offer communication topics along with customer service and leadership related topics. He added the “TIPS” alcohol awareness training to his programs for the hospitality industry and after becoming certified in the delivery of the Verbal Defense and Influence workshop is in the process of becoming a speaker, trainer and consultant for the Vistelar Group. Mark has also been a consultant with Group One Productions in Southern California for over twenty years working in television, video and photography. Mark has appeared as the host on numerous television shows and various industry videos as well as voice over work.